Goodyear gives tips for choosing the right car tires

Goodyear developed eight tips to help choose the most suitable tires for the car, remembering that tires are essential items for the safety and performance of the vehicle, in addition to influencing fuel consumption. Find more here: goodyear wrangler sr-a review


The first tip is to replace the tires with others of the same size recommended by the vehicle manufacturer. In addition, in the case of tube-type tires, it is recommended to change the tube and the protector.


Another tip is to replace the valve when installing a new tire and, when replacing only two tires (in the case of passenger vehicles), install them on the rear axle of the vehicle.


The fifth tip of the company is to check if the tread design, the load index and the speed symbol are compatible with that recommended by the automaker or with the type of service of the vehicle.



Don't forget to never mount tires of different dimensions or constructions in the same vehicle, except when indicated by the automaker. It is also not recommended to mix tires of different brands, dimensions, type of construction (radial or conventional) or band designs, as well as new tires with used ones on the same axle of the vehicle.


To close, the eighth tip is to always perform balancing and alignment when replacing tires. It is worth noting that the tires should not rotate if they have a groove depth less than 1.6mm, which can generate a fine. Among the risks are greater possibility of tire overflow, instability on wet tracks and greater occurrence of aquaplaning, increased possibility of skidding, especially in curves, and increased braking distance.


Therefore, always check the depth of the grooves in the wear indicators, the so-called TWI, which appear four to eight times around the tire. This indicator is a rubber bead on the tread that will indicate the exact time for changing the tires.